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13 Most Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2017!


13 Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2017 - Ballygally Castle Hotel, Ireland

It’s that time of year again, when the spooks come out, the witch costumes are worn and the trick or treaters come a knockin’. But in these establishments, it’s not only dressed up kids that come knocking at your door. If you spend a night at one of these hotels, you’ll get more than you bargained for. Doors slam, footprints thud, unseen children giggle and malicious cold spells dampen the room. At the most haunted hotels to spend Halloween in the world, your room might be occupied by more than just yourself…

Dare you spend a night in one of the most haunted hotels in the world? Read on to find out more and book your spooky stay…

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Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween!

Stanley Hotel, Colorado, USA

13 Most Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2017! - Stanley Hotel

Reputedly THE most haunted hotel in the world, it’s room 217 you want to book in to if you want a REALLY spooky night. This is where Stephen King woke in a nightmarish sweat and was inspired to write the Shining, based on the empty corridors of the hotel. This room is also repeatedly haunted by the ghost of Elizabeth Wilson, a chambermaid who worked at the hotel until her death in the 1950’s. Elizabeth was injured in a gas explosion in this room in 1911; the owner, Mr Stanley, paid for her treatments and kept her on as a member of staff until she died. Sometimes she is an exceptionally useful ghost; her hauntings are civilised and she will unpack and fold your clothes and put them away. Other times, however, the hauntings are more sinister. If an unmarried couple occupies the room, she has been known to get in to the bed with them and force them apart. Room 217 is the hotel’s most requested accommodation. Stay here with your significant other. If you dare…

There have also been reports of the sounds of children giggling and running through the hallways on the fourth floor, and the echoing music of Mrs Stanley playing piano in the music room. Mr and Mrs Stanley’s spirits both reportedly stroll through the lobby, so even checking in can have unexpected apparitions.

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The Langham Hotel, London

13 Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2013 - LanghamHotel

This 5 star hotel has welcomed celebrity guests such as Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde, but more regularly hosts the ghosts of a suicidal German prince who jumped from a window just before the start of Wolrd War 1, Napolean III who spent exile here and haunts the basement, and a Dr who occupied room 333 and is unable to leave after he murdered his wife and then killed himself on their honeymoon. Apparently he appears in October, so that’s the best time to visit, if you want to encounter the murderous Dr. Numerous footmen also haunt the hotel, along with a butler desperate to get in to rooms on the third floor to serve his guests. An unknown man with a yawning wound across his face hangs around creepily in the corridors, ready to scare anyone who crosses his path…

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Emily Morgan (Hilton!) Hotel, Texas, USA

13 Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2017 - Emily Morgan Hotel

Waaaaayyy before the Hilton took it over, the Emily Morgan Hotel was a medical facility complete with the ghost hunters old favourite – a psychiatric ward. Not only was this a working hospital, but the basement was used as the morgue and crematorium. Creeped out enough yet? How about this for another fact; the hotel has an unlucky 13 floors – but get in to the elevator, and you’ll find no 13th floor button. Instead, the lift takes you straight from 12 to 14, skipping the illusionary 13th floor altogether. Not that this has stopped any spooky goings on. The elevators themselves seem to have minds of their own, whizzing up and down and not letting you out on the floor you requested. Including to the former morgue…

The 7th floor is the most haunted; in it’s medical era days, this was the psychiatric ward floor. The 9th floor (former surgery) and 14th (aka 13th) floor (former waiting area) are also haunted – along with the morgue basement, which doesn’t have any rooms for rent. The 14th floor is famed for unexplained smells of medicines and the scent of a typical hospital lingers in the air. If you’re really lucky, you may well open the door to this floor and be greeted by a hospital waiting room scene – only to close the door and when re-opening it, see a standard hotel as you would expect. Nurses rush through corridors with trolleys full of drugs and equipment, patients wail, footsteps thud, faucets turn themselves on, and guests have seen more than their own reflection in the hotel mirrors.

It also holds the accolade as the third most haunted hotel in the world. Are you ready to spend a night there?

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Ballygally Castle, Northern Ireland

13 Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2017 - Ballygally Castle Hotel, Ireland

If the name Ballgally isn’t reason enough to stay, here are some more for the spookily inclined…

Ballygally Castle in County Antrim, N. Ireland, was once owned by a Lord Shaw. He reportedly locked his wife, Lady Isobella Shaw, into a room in 1625  and starved her as punishment for giving birth to a girl instead of the male heir he craved. Desperately seeking the child she never met, Lady Shaw leapt from a window in an escape attempt and fell to her death. She still continues her search, wondering the castle looking for her long lost child.

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Hotel Roosevelt, Los Angeles, California, USA

13 Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2017 - Hotel Roosevelt

Are you a Marilyn Monroe fan? If so, did you know she haunts this hotel, dancing in the ballroom and checking out her reflection in the mirror in room 229? Other celeb ‘haunts’ (sorry!) include Montgomery Clift who continues to play his trumpet in room 928, where he stayed while filming the movie From Here to Eternity. Pretty ironic, really. Errol Flynn and Carole Lombard also check in after death at this historical haunted hotel slap bang in the middle of Hollywood. If you can’t meet a living legend in LA, you may just well meet one that’s not…

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Russell Hotel, Sydney, Australia

13 Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2017 - Russell Hotel Australia

The Russell Hotel in Sydney is in an area known as The Rocks. As the oldest established area in Australia (for Westerners), it is now an up and coming uber trendy zip code. The Rocks, however, used to be a bit more dubious. As a popular hangout for sailors, convicts, prostitutes and murderers, the Russell Hotel has it’s fair share of debauchery spectacles. Room 8 is the one to head for if you want to be watched over by the ghost of a sailor while you sleep (and let’s face it: who wouldn’t?!) All manner of shenanigans have gone on here, and all manner of spiritual goings on continue to happen in this most haunted of Australia’s hotels.

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Hotel Burchianti, Florence, Italy

13 Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2017 - Hotel Burchianti, Italy

Want to stay with the spirit of Mussolini? Then look no further than the Hotel Burchanti in Italy. He stayed here and has apparently been sighted still wandering the hotel. Along with Mussolini, spirits of all ages have accumulated here; from a maid who continues to go about her daily duties, to a woman knitting in her chair and a child who skips down corridors, oblivious to the fact they are no longer earthly beings. Mussolini hangs out in the Fresco room, greeting guests with gusts of icy breath on their faces.

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Fairmont Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada

13 Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2017 - Fairmont Banff Springs, Canada

Having seen the Fairmont Banff Springs from the outside, I’m gutted I didn’t stay there. At the time, I had no idea how haunted it was – with Room 873 being haunted by an entire murdered family. Since their murders, guests have reported shrieks which have woken them up, and hotel staff have been unable to remove ghostly bloody fingerprints from the mirror in the room. The room has now been sealed off, but that hasn’t stopped the hauntings – rooms in the vicinity of 873 have also had haunted happenings. On the ninth floor, a bellboy continues to help guests with their belongings, well after his death, while a creepy draft is felt along the hotel’s marble staircase where a young bride fell to her death on her wedding day.

Built in 1888, the hotel has welcomed Queen Elizabeth II, Marilyn Monroe and Helen Keller, but it is the guests that refuse to check out which make the hotel famous today.

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Mermaid Inn,East Sussex, UK

13 Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2017 - Mermaid Inn, England

The Mermaid Inn in East Sussex is an really ancient domain. The Most Haunted team (a UK TV series) spent a night here and were heartily spooked by the spirits that still dominate the historical building. Rooms 1, 10, 16, 17 and 19 are the most frequently frighted, but the whole hotel has a haunting history. Stay in one of these rooms, however, and you may be visited by smugglers spirits, find a man sitting at the end of your bed watching you as you sleep, and discover your clothes are mysteriously soaked in the morning. A rocking chair that famously rocked of it’s own accord has now been removed from the guest rooms due to the disturbances it caused, however, that hasn’t stopped the many restless spirits that continue to inhabit the hotel from going about their spooky behaviours.

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Elvey Farm, Pluckley, Kent, UK

13 Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2017 - Elvey Farm UK

Elvey Farm isn’t just a haunted hotel – it also happens to be in the midst of the most haunted village in England. Built in 1406, this habitation has a history of gruesome deaths and the ghosts that are associated with them continue to reside in the rooms. Most famously, that of highwayman Robert DuBois, who haunts not only the guest lounge but also manifests at his favourite lifetime haunt in the village itself – an area known ironically as ‘Fright Corner’. This dubious character would hide in a hollow tree here and leap out at his intended victims, giving them a scare before robbing them of their possessions. It is said that although the tree is now gone, DuBois still continues to scare people using his old tactics and leaping out at them in the road. The tree also appears at times – with DuBois’ dead body impaled to it with a spear, the grisly way in which he met his end from fed up locals who pinned him to a tree with the weapon. The former dairy on the farm also has a ghost, of suicidal farmer Edward Brett. Brett’s final words continue to echo through the dairy – the creepy “I will do it”. The barn is home to a man in military uniform who squats and hides there, whilst both a Red Lady and a White Lady also forlornly haunt this most haunted of places. Dare you explore Elvey Farm?

While you’re staying at Elvey Farm, don’t forget to check out the other haunted locations in this small rural village.

 13 Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2017 - Hotel Provincial USA
During America’s Civil War, Hotel Provincial was used as a hospital. If that’s not already spooky enough, consider staying here and entering your room to find the bloodied bodies of Confederate soldiers lying on your bed.  Dreadfully wounded in battle, their cries for help still echo throughout the hotel. Soldiers shuffle down the many hotel halls, desperate for aid. A more recent military man from the Second World War has also been sighted several times, and was also recorded during a séance saying “I need to leave. She doesn’t love me, she loves you.” In the room which he haunts, radios frequently change to a rock station, the soldier’s preferred form of musical entertainment in life – and death.
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13 Haunted Hotels to spend Halloween 2017 - Arith Castle, Scotland
Not only does Arith Castle look like it’s a home for the dearly departed – it is. This 14th Century castle in Stirlingshire has it’s fair share of ghostly occupants. Tragedy struck Arith Castle years ago when a fire killed a nanny and two young children. They still reside here, along with other ‘spirited’ children who play in some of the rooms. Ask for room 3, 9 or 23 for your best chances of experiencing haunted happenings. Like dogs? You might not like a ghostly mutt nipping at your ankles on your arrival – but you very well may be greeted that way by the unseen pup.

Toftaholm Herrgård, Lagan, Sweden

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Have you stayed at a haunted hotel, or had a ghostly experience? Tell me all about it in the comments!


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