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Hi! My name is Becky – welcome to my site!

I have a background in travel agency and have been travelling on and off for the past 16 years, by conventional means such as buses, trains and planes, to more quirky styles of getting from A to B using horses, bikes, boats and boots. Most recently, in May 2016 I left my home city of London with no set plans to return. I packed my bike and myself and took a one way flight to Canada, where I cycled the glacial Icefields Parkway, had several bear encounters and volunteered at hostels and home farms. From there I hopped to Hawaii and spent a few months exploring the culture and beauty of the islands – from rough volcanic landscapes to lush jungle settings, crazily coloured beaches and intriguing cuisine. I then made a quick stop in Sydney, treated myself to an expedition touring bike and headed off in to the Blue Mountains for some hiking and biking. I’m currently in New Zealand, on a working holiday visa, painting houses and historic buildings (including the oldest stone store, oldest house and oldest barn in the entire country!), whilst also getting in some serious adventure time. In my spare time, and where wi-fi is available, I write to bring you details of all these trips, how you can do them, and arm you with the tools you need to prepare your own unique adventures.

The focus of this site is adventure travel, especially for those on a budget. The idea for the name of my site came from not having a permanent address, but always having a pack. Wherever I lay my pack – that’s my home. My pack at the moment is cycle touring orientated and consists of two rear panniers and a waterproof duffel bag, all of which hook or strap on to the back of my bike.

I’m a keen outdoor adventurer and whilst I love seeing and being in incredible places, I also get a kick from sharing my discoveries – from great beaches and cool haunts to epic hikes and bike rides, plus tips, tricks and lessons I’ve learned on the way.

How this site can help YOU!

Wherever I Lay My Pack is a site dedicated not only to document my travels, but to also inspire you to grab your pack and explore. It’s about experiencing wild and wonderful places around the world, making connections and seeking out diverse and awesome areas whilst travelling in unique and varied ways.

I know I’m not alone in wanting to see as much of this incredible planet as possible, and I’m pretty confident that if you’re reading this, you’re super keen to get packed and go. I also know this can be daunting. There are always ‘what if’ moments – relating to jobs, money, responsibilities, safety, etc. There are plenty of fears people have about travelling, especially for women concerned about being solo female travellers. I’m going to share with you the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years with how to deal with all these and more, and how to have fulfilling adventures without the ‘what ifs’.

I aim for this site to be a resource for people considering embarking on similar ventures, to be inspiring, informative, and above all, entertaining.

I also offer services – from travel planning, to sending inspirational postcards from wherever I happen to be.

So – are you ready to join me on a journey, and start planning yours?

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