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Cycling through Caves in Australia

Cycling Through Caves: From Sydney to Scenic in 1 Easy Ride

Less than 3 hours from Sydney lies an awesome cycle ride which takes you through the beautiful Blue Mountains & into the heart of the majestic Jenolan Caves. Visiting the caves is fun enough, but cycling to them adds a whole new dimension to the adventure.

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Best Blue Mountains Day Hike Gorgeous Scenery

The Best Blue Mountains Day Hike

I had never heard of Katoomba before a train I was on sailed through it and everyone except my friend Heather and I got off. This meant one of two things; it was either a hideous tourist hangout, or a brilliant tourist attraction. Either way, something interesting went on beyond that tiny station.

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Camping hacks you can't live without

18 Awesome Camping Hacks You Can’t Live Without!

When going on a camping trip, it’s essential to reduce weight and bulk in your bag, especially if you are going to be doing physical activities such as hiking, cycling or pack rafting. These 18 brilliant but simple hacks will make your camping much more enjoyable and also save you money.

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The Kalalau Trail Hike

Kalalau Trail

Being a fan of Jurassic Park, I was chomping at the bit to get myself to Kauai, the ‘Garden Isle’ in the Hawaiian Island chain, where many of the scenes of the movie are filmed. To me, nothing screams more of ‘dinosaur!’ than the stunningly rugged, notoriously inaccessible and uniquely beautiful Na Pali Coast. If dinosaurs did exist anywhere in the world, Na Pali is it.

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