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Hawaiian Food - Hello Kitty SPAM - must try foods in the Aloha State

Scrumptious Hawaii! Must Try Foods in the Aloha State.

Think of Hawaii and you’ll conjure up images of beautiful beaches and dramatic volcanic landscapes – but have you ever considered the cuisine? These are the must try foods in the Aloha State!

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Road to Hana Panorama

Epic Ride: Cycling Hawaii’s Road to Hana

With an insane 620 hairpin bends and 59 bridges over just 52 miles, the road to Hana is a road trippers dream. Cycle or drive this incredible road which winds through rainforests, past waterfalls and a ton of tasty roadside stalls to Lava Tubes and heavenly Hana Beach.

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Top 5 Best Beaches in Hawaii - Carl Smith Beach Park View

Top 5 Best Beaches in Hawaii

Dream of Hawaii, and you’ll likely conjure up images of idyllic golden sand beaches all to yourself, soft surf lapping at your feet, a gorgeous sunset on the horizon…at least, that’s what I envisaged before heading, naively, to the land of fire and rock. Hawaii does boast brochure-worthy beach escapes, but more than that, it […]

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YOLO vs the Risk Factor

You only live once – aka YOLO – is a great mantra to live by. But by embracing the YOLO ethos we must also make sure we live to see another day and weigh up YOLO vs risk. If living for the moment equates to unnecessary risk taking, is it worth it? There’s a very fine line between living on the edge and falling off of it.

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The Kalalau Trail Hike

Kalalau Trail

Being a fan of Jurassic Park, I was chomping at the bit to get myself to Kauai, the ‘Garden Isle’ in the Hawaiian Island chain, where many of the scenes of the movie are filmed. To me, nothing screams more of ‘dinosaur!’ than the stunningly rugged, notoriously inaccessible and uniquely beautiful Na Pali Coast. If dinosaurs did exist anywhere in the world, Na Pali is it.

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