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Hawaiian Food - Hello Kitty SPAM - must try foods in the Aloha State

Scrumptious Hawaii! Must Try Foods in the Aloha State.

Think of Hawaii and you’ll conjure up images of beautiful beaches and dramatic volcanic landscapes – but have you ever considered the cuisine? These are the must try foods in the Aloha State!

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Rotorua Wonderland

Rotorua – a Sulphurous City of obnoxious noxious gasses

There is no smellier place on earth than Rotorua, and that is primarily because most of the earth there is trying to escape. This sulphurous city sits atop a bunch of active volcanoes, who aren’t afraid to show you quite how active they are. Visiting one of the most accessible geothermally lively areas on earth certainly keeps you on your toes when darting around steam vents, bubbling mud pools and geysers.

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