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The Surly Troll is the go anywhere, go everywhere bike, designed for those with a spirit of adventure.

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The Surly Troll is the go anywhere, go everywhere bike. At home as either a fully laden tourer or a bikepacking set up, the Troll is Surly’s top of the range off grid ride, built to take v brakes or discs, a Rohloff or standard hub, racks or cages, bike packing bags – whatever you can throw at it. I’ve been riding a Troll for the last year and have bounced down single track, through forests, on beaches and up stunning mountain switch backs – loaded, unloaded, and with bike packing cages. It’s an awesome bike that can take you wherever that road or path or little muddy track might lead…The photos below are just a handful of some of the adventures my friend Heather and I have had on our Trolls to illustrate the amount of sheer joy and fun you can have on one of these bikes! Don’t want to take my word for it? Here’s what Surly say about the Troll:


Off-road touring can be a zesty enterprise, but it’s not without its perils. Bicycles are simple machines that are extremely efficient, but all simple machines carry along with them the chance of breaking down. This efficiency can get you in trouble if your bike decides to break down far away from the comforts of your parent’s basement. If you’re going to ride your bicycles where no one can see, you better take gear that’s up to the task. Surly Troll is up to the task.


Our Surly Troll was once a simple mountain bike frame with a few extras that made it nice for touring. The Surly Troll has evolved into a frame that has been pushed deeper into the category of off-road touring. Its geometry is no longer suspension corrected, which gives it more room for a larger frame bag. We’ve also adorned this frame with our Gnot-Boost spacing, allowing you to use any mountain bike hub whether it be 135mm QR, 12 x 142mm thru-axle, or 12 x 148mm Boost hub. The chainstay yoke has been redesigned to be fully compatible with 26+ tires and comes with the always-comfy Jones Loop bar. The dropouts still allow you to run disc brakes, fenders, a Rohloff hub, and racks simultaneously. It also comes with more braze-ons than you thought possible – there are four triple bottle mounts on the fork alone (don’t get excited, you can only run one Anything Cage per fork leg), as well as two more triple bottle mounts on the down tube.


Surly Troll is a bike that has one purpose – and that purpose is to carry you as far away from society as possible. Man has known for eons the call of the indifferent forest. The inexorable march of time, and dumb sh*t like cell phones, have dulled our senses and made us afraid. Reclaim your animalistic tendencies atop Man’s greatest invention.



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