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Need a blog post, article, press release, or a best man’s speech? With decades of experience in copywriting, you can trust me to grab your audiences attention with compelling and relevant copy.

I love creating and editing content and thrive on  thoroughly researching subjects I am commissioned to write on. I come from a family of creatives and English teachers, and my mother is a published author. I studied English language and literature and am also a qualified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher.

I have had several articles published both online and in print, and have had huge successes with press releases – for example, converting a struggling small scale event to a massively popular multi-day festival.

Editing & Proof reading

If you are content with writing your own content, I offer a proof reading service to ensure your copy is perfect prior to being submitted. I check documents for grammatical errors, spelling typos, mistakes and readability. Going to print with an important piece, getting business cards made or applying for that must-have job? Whilst I can’t guarantee you’ll get the job, I can give you the best chance with a well written cover letter and resume. One thing I won’t stretch to is doing homework for students – sorry, but it is in your best interest to do that yourself!

To commission a piece, get something proof read or edited or for examples of my work please contact me.

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