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There’s nothing quite like receiving postcards from exotic lands to brighten up both your doorstep and your day.

The humble postcard is being rapidly swept aside and replaced with instant communication on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Whilst these are fabulous, getting a physical postcard from someone in a far-off place, decorated with a foreign stamp and with quirky hand written anecdotes depicting places seen, places been, and a highlighted picture of the trip on the front is far more precious a keepsake than 100 impersonal social media updates. It has meaning; it’s something you can pick up and touch and turn over and look at; something you can show to others and read and re-read again. Something that can slip in your wallet and provide inspiration for your next journey. Above all, someone has perused the postcards, picked one they think you will like, sought out a stamp seller and located a post box – just to give you a little slice of what they are experiencing.

I think it’s a shame the postcard is becoming a redundant form of sharing your travels with others elsewhere, and as such, I am offering a service to send anyone who’s interested, a postcard from wherever I happen to be at the time you request it. There is a small charge for this, to cover the card and postage, but it is a nominal fee for the joy of receiving a pretty picture and a personalised message in the post.

If you would like, I can also send postcards to someone else on your behalf – just let me know their address and if there is a specific message you want it to say, let me know. (I am eagerly awaiting sending a card to someone saying ‘Wish you were here? You will be soon!’ with a following message about a surprise trip, or a marriage proposal!)

I suggest a donation of £5 GBP / $5 USD, as this will cover the card, postage and a little extra for my picture-perfect-postcard hunt, but you can donate whatever you feel is appropriate.


Once you have purchased your postcard, you will be directed to my contact page, where you can let me know who and where to send your postcard to, and if there’s a special message, what you would like it to say.

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