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Hi! I’m Becky, founder of Wherever I Lay My Pack. Marmot Essence Jacket

If you want to travel but don’t know how or where to start, this page is for you.

I’ve been travelling for most of my life, using all sorts of weird and wonderful modes of transport – from the traditional backpacking styles to bizarre and unique adventures. My aim is to inspire you to achieve your travel dreams – to aid you to get out there and see the world. I want to arm you with the tools and confidence to go out there and achieve your ambitions, whatever they may be. We only have one life – I want to show you how you can make the most of it.

What is Wherever I Lay My Pack?

Wherever I Lay My Pack – or WILMP as it can be abbreviated to (yes, I know it’s a terrible acronym!) aims to inspire and fulfil your travel potential. I go on trips, and write articles like other bloggers, but what sets WILMP apart is that I show you how you can do the same journey. Not only that, but I provide you with kit lists, guides and ideas to help you plan your own unique adventures.

If you like… The Kalalau Trail Hike

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Become a Travelling Pro

– You want to travel but aren’t sure if you can afford it?
– You want to travel but haven’t got anyone to travel with – and are scared to go alone?
– You have an absolutely brilliant, crazy travel plan but your friends and family don’t support it?
– You want to live an unconventional lifestyle and prioritise travel and experiences over a career and material possessions?

Then Wherever I Lay My Pack can help!

My Products and Services


The content on my blog and website is free, however there are commercial products and services I also offer. Check them out on my Services page. I can help you budget, plan a trip, create a bespoke itinerary or even write content for your blog or publication.

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Three Sisters Australia

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