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It might look like it’s all play and no work – and I have to admit, when I’m out on the road exploring, that is what it feels like. But when I am travelling, I’m also working – always on the lookout for a new story, finding that perfect picture spot, hunting down elusive WiFi and talking to locals and other travellers for their viewpoints.

To get a web page up and presentable, I need great images, a story angle, useful information and anything else that I think my readers will appreciate. When I stop to work on the website, the writing comes easy – I love it – but finding decent internet, getting my laptop to behave, researching and fact checking, resizing images, editing, implementing SEO, keeping up to date with new technologies and all sorts of other kerfuffle that comes with the upkeep of a website or blog, takes hours, patience, and a lot of purchases in coffee shops in return for their (often intermittent!) WiFi.

I enjoy sharing my world with you and hope my website encourages you to seek out your dreams. If this site inspires you to take the plunge and travel solo, or try out a bike tour, or book a break to a new city, then fab – it’s served its purpose. Please consider donating to enable other travellers to benefit from the same opportunities, or as a thank you for information you have found helpful.

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Three Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia

Test riding a Surly Troll bike in the Blue Mountains, Australia

Example of what your donation means:

When I first began this website, I had no idea how much hard work, dedication, research, joy and frustration would go in to each and every page and post. Even the simplest of tasks escalates in to a daunting ‘to-do’ list which I strive to complete to my best ability. Your support means so much more than a financial contribution to keeping the site going. It’s a recognition of the value my articles, tips and advice give to you, and an appreciation of my work. Most importantly, it makes what I do so much more valid, as I know people are enjoying what I write and produce, and encourages me to create even more great content for you on a regular basis.

It’s hard to define what donations mean in financial terms, as each and every one is unique and goes towards one or several things. So here are some examples which I hope helps to illustrate where your donation goes when you make it.

£5 – brainstorming article ideas and sketching out blog posts, fueled by a coffee!

£10 – £20 – a fully functional blog post, which behind the scenes includes plenty of head-scratching, fighting with iClouds infuriating interface and tweaking all sorts of HTML5 malarky – equates to a couple of coffees and a good few hours typing away.

£30 – This helps me create a couple of blog posts, possibly a page, plus research the best way to give valuable content to my readers. Often it requires me leaving one coffee shop and sneaking in to another so as not to overstay my welcome in the first! A full day of working on the website helps me get the site sparkling – not just posts and pages but also essential updates and maintenance.

£50 – this amount typically keeps my hosting, security certificates, domain, email and other online bits and bobs ticking along for approximately 3 months.

£100 – this goes a long way. It could help towards a trip which will then be written up in a post, along with a ‘You Can Do It!’ element to enable you to do the same. It also gives me the opportunity to test out gear I have. So really this is a double whammy – a trip or gear test (usually a combination of both) gives me content for the site, which I then write up once the trip is completed. For gear testing, this doesn’t just involve me writing up a bit about what I think of a product – I have to use it, test it, wear it out, or go there, often multiple times over several weeks, months or miles. Everything I test out and every place I stay is paid for with my hard earned cash – I don’t get products or offers of hotel stays or attraction tickets in return for reviews. However I am open to the idea so if you have something you want me to review, get in contact and we’ll talk!

£100+ – a resources document, such as kit lists. This requires lots of thorough research, including my own field tests of equipment that I own. I don’t recommend products that I don’t believe are fit for purpose, so with this in mind the kit I use is stuff I either own or have used and wouldn’t hesitate to buy. These kind of resources are invaluable and I love compiling them, but it really is a labour of love as they take weeks to put together.

Is there something you particularly want to see an article on? I’m open to the idea of supported content – that is, an article on a topic of your interest, which I research and compile for you, then post on the site with a personalised thank you to you for your support. Drop me a line if there’s something you want to discuss.


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