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Welcome to Hawaii…

The Hawaiian Island chain is as remote as remote can be. Separated by vast swathes of the Pacific Ocean in all directions, the 8 major islands – and several hundred atolls, seamounts and islets – are around 3,000km from the nearest continent. These little plots of land stretch over 2,400km, and activity in creating new formations is ever present. Under the sea (moana) and on the land (aina), Pele, the Volcano Goddess, is always at work bubbling lava and thrusting rock upwards and outwards. As land is created, so it is also destroyed; violent volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones batter these islands on a regular basis. But don’t let this put you off; Hawaii is a unique place in the world where you can watch earth form before your very eyes and visit a ‘drive thru’ volcano, swim with manta rays under the stars, surf massive waves on the North Shore and trek in the footsteps of original islanders and explorers through fantastical scenery. This little slice of paradise boasts an incredible 11 of the 13 climatic zones found on the planet, so while one side of an island may be experiencing a snow storm, the other is in blissful, tropical heat. You can ski, surf, hike in a rain forest and visit an arid canyon all in one trip. Unrivalled opportunities for scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming with exotic marine creatures such as the graceful hono (sea turtles) abound. Humpback whales come to breed in the warm offshore waters and can be seen by boat or from view points on the islands, and cage diving trips for the adventurous are available for those willing to dive with sharks. Hawaii has it all – adrenaline fuelled activities, laid back beaches, arduous treks, idyllic towns, and most of the inhabited islands have at least one brewery to relax in, talk story and enjoy some local beer. The Hawaiian Islands are exceptional and you can pack more in to a trip to this set of islands than in many other parts of the planet. So relax your pace, kick back, get tuned in to Hawaii time and enjoy some island experiences.

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