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What’s your trip style? A chilled out day hike or a multi-day epic trek? Cruising along scenic roads for an afternoon; or loading up your bike with all your worldly possessions and pedaling in to the horizon? Getting off the beaten track with nothing more than a tent and your pack? Or checking out the local scene and checking in to a decent hotel? How about a dose of all that and more?

In this section, you can explore routes, tracks and trails and garner ideas for your next trip. Whatever you’re in to, or whether you like a mixture of all sorts, these pages will give you inspiration, tips and ideas, packing lists, equipment reviews and much much more. Whether you’re after an Adventure, going Travelling, Hiking, Biking or something Bespoke, these pages should help you plot and plan.

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Adventure ImageSome things just defy categorisation. From watching new land form as part of a live lava flow to epic off-grid expeditions, adventures are in a realm of their own. This section is for the bold and the brave; those who want to not just see the world, but experience it.


travelling resources

Travelling is awesome. You come to realise you don’t need all those unnecessary materialistic goods you thought you did. Instead, you open up your eyes to experiences which are far more valuable. There really is nothing like travelling to get you focused on the important things in life.


Whatever your ride, there’s a bike and a trail with your name on it. From perfectly paved roads to gnarly terrain, this section will introduce you to some absolutely awesome routes you can do and prepare you for taking that first pedal stroke on an epic journey – whether that’s a short jaunt along the canals to a pub or a multi-month cross country journey.



Fancy equipment can only take you so far; when hiking, it’s your legs and your attitude that get you across some of the most amazing landscapes in the world. There are some truly incredible trails which take anything from a few hours to a few months to complete, and this part of the website is dedicated to fabulous hiking routes, intrepid treks and one of a kind trails.

Travel Planning Service

Travel Planning Services

Travel planning is a passion of mine, but I know it’s not for everyone. It can be stressful and difficult deciding on the best way to spend both your time and money, and sometimes you just don’t have endless hours available to research your destination. This is where I come in.

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