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How to choose the best backpack for travelling

Going backpacking? Whether it’s a round the world trip or a short jaunt across a country, a backpack is a necessity. Making the right choice is crucial. This guide will show you how to choose the best backpack for you and your travel style, so you can make an informed choice when picking your pack.

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YOLO vs the Risk Factor

You only live once – aka YOLO – is a great mantra to live by. But by embracing the YOLO ethos we must also make sure we live to see another day and weigh up YOLO vs risk. If living for the moment equates to unnecessary risk taking, is it worth it? There’s a very fine line between living on the edge and falling off of it.

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Why Travel?

I started travelling when I was 17, and since then I’ve been hooked. When I first set off from home, I had no idea what amazing possibilities would open up for me by just taking that initial step outside my front door and outside of my comfort zone. I spent months trundling around gorgeous cities, immersing myself in wildly varied cultures, making lifelong friends and creating irreplaceable memories.

I have learned a lot since that journey, but it still remains one of my most favourite trips. It was my first ever experience of solo travel. My friends thought I was mad; my family were very encouraging. Footloose and fancy free, I woke up in a  new environment every day, made my own schedule, did what I wanted, when and where I wanted. I saw more sights than most other kids my age have in that single journey. It was a taste of pure freedom and that wanderlust has never left me.

Travelling is awesome. You come to realise you don’t need all those unnecessary materialistic goods you thought you did. Instead, you open up your eyes to experiences which are far more valuable. There really is nothing like travelling to get you focused on the important things in life.

Become a Travelling Pro!

If you are thinking about travelling your way around a country, a continent, or the world, you’ve landed on the right page. The travelling resources section holds a lot of info for those planning a trip. If you are about to embark on your first travelling escapade and want some friendly advice, contact me. I offer a travel planning service where I can suggest itineraries, assist with equipment and help you through the confusing process of deciding the wheres whens and hows. If you are planning a long term backpacking trip, I can also help with budgeting, safety concerns (especially for female solo travellers) and tips on how to make your money go further, where to stay and how to earn money en route.

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